Winter in Japan…

Well, I’m back in Japan again for the C3 classes. This month is the coldest time of the year and it is always hard to get used to this cold weather. It has already snowed here in Tokyo this trip. It seems like the weather has been pretty cold in many places around the world. It just makes spring even that much better!!!
The C3 Series 5 classes in Tokyo will finish on Friday and then we will head to Osaka and Kyushu for the next round of classes. This new C3 project we are working on is very interesting and offers a completely new set of techniques. It is lots of fun and so far is a very popular class.


DECO head office here in Japan has started work planning the 30th anniversary in 2011. My mother and I are getting busier just thinking about this big event coming up next year. We are very excited about the show and will keep you posted.  We hope that many people will be able to visit Japan for the show.


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