What an amazing trip we had to the East Coast!

We are so thankful for this amazing opportunity.  I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.  It was so amazing to work with all these wonderful people. This was one of my most memorable life experiences!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!
(THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW airs weekdays on Hallmark Channel at 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing,1 PM ET)

Even though there were only 5 days to prepare everything for the show, we managed to complete the projects and samples.  Working together with the Martha craft team, we decided to show how to make a wreath with all the colors of spring.  This was done with the molds of the new Crafter’s Clay kits; using as many flowers as possible and accenting with butterflies and birds.  I think it came out very cute and something that would be very interesting to beginners and experts alike. The segment will be aired on the Hallmark channel on May 10th. Visit this link for more info:
It was such an honor to introduce the Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay line on the show.  As you might already know; it is possible to create so many neat things with this clay… I couldn’t resist making some freeform pieces to share on the show.  We made this beautiful spring bouquet inspired by the cover of the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine Spring 2012 issue.  I decided to make a gift for Martha and chose to make her beautiful Canaries.  With lots of help from Chenli, Kody and Yumi and 5 days of hard work all the pieces were finished.  I was very pleased with all the matching colors that went perfect with the set of the show.

Martha and team loved everything we made!  She held some of these pieces and talked about them on camera. I was so thankful being able to show the possibilities of this clay to so many people!  They even wanted to use our peonies for part of the segment as well!  Kody & Yumi have been working on many Crafter’s Clay class project pieces and included these to show. I am so proud of their work!  Great job!

We had an opportunity to speak with Martha before the show about how she really enjoys working with Crafter’s Clay and how truly rewarding this clay is to work with.  If this were not enough, we were even invited to take a tour of her farm.  It was amazing to see what a beautiful place she has created.  Martha’s Sister Laura toured us around and told us the history of the farm.
Thank you Laura for making us feel so welcome!
We found out that less than 10 years ago this property had been taken over by Martha and at that time it was in need of lots of TLC.  In such a short time she has transformed the property into an amazing oasis of flora and fauna.  She has such a refined style and incorporates the beauty of nature into so many aspects of her design.
We were amazed to see how hands on Martha is with all the work on this property and how simply beautiful everything is.  There are so many happy aminals here too.  The placement of all the gardens was so natural and well thought out.  It was a perfect season to see the power of springs affect… We enjoyed so much being able to play with her dogs GK, Francesca and Sharkey.
The 2 bull terriers were not felling well… hope they are feeling better now… You can catch their “Daily Wag” blog here

The day after the shows taping, we drove to New Jersey to shoot some educational videos for the Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay line.  We worked with a great team at GF Studio.
This gave us a great chance to work with Carla from EK Success. With all the great teamwork and support, we managed to finish 4 segments in one day!  I can’t wait to see how these turn out… These will be available on Michaels Craft store web site and others very soon.

What an amazing time we had in New York!  This is one of my favorite cities with all the art, great food and hip lifestyles.  What an inspiration!  I have gained so much from the people we have been able to work with.  I truly believe that life transpires to help you if you put your best foot forward.  I am so humbled and thankful to have these lifetime experiences.

I would like to say to my mother how thankful I am for offering me this opportunity and for coming all the way from Japan to support me!  We all believe this has all been possible because of her. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you to Lenore Welby, Senior Producer, such a sweet heart, super fun to be around and very talented!  Thank you to all the crafting masters in the “Craft Room” all of you have been amazing to work with!  Thank you Noel for assisting with so many countless things!
On our way out to the airport on the morning of our departure, we really wanted to say “Hello” to Alex Perruzzi of MSLO.  He is a great asset to Martha’s team!  You may notice him from Martha’s HSN showings.

Thank you to Chenli, Kody, Marlo and Yumi!  Without your support this would not be possible!

Last, but certainly not least, I give my thanks to my best friend and great partner Tim. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Great teamwork makes for a great life!!!

As many of you may know by now, this was the last live filming of the Martha Stewart Show on the Hallmark channel.  We will all miss being able to watch the show in this format.  Not to worry…there is another show in the works… please check the Martha Stewart web site for additional information.
(THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW airs weekdays on Hallmark Channel at 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing,1 PM ET)

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  1. Michelle

    Oh how I love Martha’s clay craft line. I bought the Daisha kit and the leaf molds. It was my first time to work with deco clay too. So pretty! Please come to Houston for classes.. Please!