We’re back from California!


Before I tell you all about the last leg of our California visit, I wanted to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the businesses who were kind enough to have us, their staff, and all of the wonderful people who came and took our workshops! 🙂

As a craft business, there’s that initial question, “How are we going to get people to know about us and our product?” It took my Mother many years to get to where she is now with DECO, and even now, there’s still that challenge to be known. I know that there are still “many stones unturned,” so I am fortunate to have such opportunities, to be able to introduce our craft to a variety of markets, but most importantly, in having a circle of amazing people who help me, to do just that! I THANK YOU ALL, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! 🙂

After our PIECEMAKERS and STAMPINGTON & CO. stops, we travelled next to the city of Torrance, to visit STYLES OF HAWAII. They specialize in everything Hawaiian. So we felt right at home! 😉 They carry clothing, jewelry, music, and numerous Hawaiian products, so it was befitting that we had a workshop there too. Thank you Linda (Uyeda, owner) for having us!

Next, we drove to Los Angeles (near LAX), to do a workshop at STAMPIN’ FROM THE HEART. We have been working with Karen (Hutchinson, owner) for a few years, so it was nice to finally meet her in person! Her store offers numerous products and classes, in rubber stamping and all paper crafts. We had a great time, Thanks Karen!
Our last stop was in Huntington Beach, at the MONKEY HOUSE CAFÉ. It’s a place where you can eat and shop! They offer ONO (delicious) food, from soups, salads, sandwiches, to blended drinks and desserts. Everyone was so nice! Thank you Angeli (Poon, owner) and Pam for inviting us to do a demo and workshop! Also, thank you to Erin And Lauren Madden for coming by to help.


In between the store workshops, we also took the time to teach Sumi (a certified instructor) new techniques with the clay. She lives and actively teaches in and around the city of Irvine. Thank you Sumi, for helping us with the workshops at PIECEMAKERS!


This trip took us to different parts of Southern California, and we drove the many congested streets and highways, that it’s known for. Luckily for us, we didn’t have any major mishaps. We are surely looking forward to the next visit!


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