Wa To Ningyo

My Mother recently held an exhibition in central Tokyo entitled, “Wa To Ningyo.”  (“Japanese Theme and Figurines”)  Here she showcased all of her creations!  Wanting to take advantage of this opportunity, she decided to put together a photo book.  This book features many of her current designs in decorative items, including Japanese and Western themed figurines.


Due to the excitement of this event, she has decided to make MORE CREATIONS and PUBLISH ANOTHER BOOK!!!  Where does she get her energy?!

The new book, “Soft nendo De Wa Wo Tanoshimu” of the Hanayaka Nendo Kogei series (“Enjoy Japanese Style with Soft Clay Art”); will be due out in December, 2008.  I know that fans of my Mother’s work will definitely want to get this book.  They will not be disappointed!


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