Very nice turn out…

We had a very nice turn out at the annual Holiday Craft Fair at the Mission Houses Museum, last weekend. Even though the weather wasn’t on our side (rain), we still had a number of people stop by. A big “THANK YOU & GREAT JOB!” goes out to Chenli, Gary, and Kyoko who manned our booth. 🙂 and to all the instructors who submitted their pieces. As always, it was nice to see all the hand crafted items that were available that day.


Each year, DECO’s head office in Japan creates its yearly newsletter. The newsletter basically recaps what has happened, what is new, and what DECO is all about. It goes out to all the instructors and members who live in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This year, Tim and I worked on the newsletter and gave it a whole new look. We are finally done! And if I do say so myself, it turned out really PRETTY! We decided to include lots of photos and are planning to translate it into English for our U. S. instructors and members.


I’ve also been busy working on several bouquets for wedding orders. Bouquets have been so popular lately, that I’ve been working on them A LOT this year! It’s a big challenge to make a bouquet uniquely fitted for a specific bride. Knowing that it’s going to be part of her special day, I make it a point to do my very best work for each individual and at the same time, try out new flowers and colors for them.



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