Vacation part 2

Vacation part 2
On July 10th we arrived in New York. The weather has cooled down a little compared to a few days ago…  This has always been a dream of ours to live in this city… Since we had only a week to fulfill this dream, we decided to rent an apartment. Luckily, there is this website that helps connect the owners and short term tenants. It is called Airbnb .
We searched for a few weeks prior to the trip and decided the West Village in Manhattan would be the place for us. In the city there are a lot of “walk-ups”, which means no elevator. This was not a huge issue since we are relatively young. The old Brownstones in NY are just amazing and I think I must have taken more pictures of these than anything during this trip.
When these structures were built there were done so with great care and lots of attention to the details. These details are so inspirational and gave me so many great ideas to incorporate in the new DECO Modeling Course…
So maybe this could be a business trip expense, yea right I wish…

Once we got to the room we dropped our bags and hit the streets to check out our new neighborhood. The narrow tree-lined streets are a great place to roam around.
We stopped in some of the little shops for snacks and shopping along the way. This is the kind of place where you may just run into some famous people… no, we did not… We keep looking…

Most days we just took long meandering walks in different Boroughs’ within Manhattan… On one of these walks we ended up crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge into Queens.
We spend a couple hours looking around and took the train back to Manhattan. The train system is pretty straight forward if there are no delays or schedule changes. We used the train as much as possible getting around NY.
We could not miss the flea markets and all the quaint shops that stop one of a kind things where I found some little treasures for my collection. Nothing fancy, just small things to remember this trip.
What trip to NYC would be complete without a Broadway play? We looked at what was available and decided to try the musical “Once”. This was a very moving performance with lots of humor, romance and great music!

We have both been to Central Park a few times but it has always been cold. This time we had a chance to roam the park in the heat of the summer!
This park is huge and has so much beautiful stone work!
You can leave the busy streets and be in what feels like a green paradise in a moment… What a great way to spend the day!

We contacted our good friend Lenore Welby who was the senior producer of the Martha Stewart Show. I was great to catch up with her over lunch. She had suggested that we try to get into the Four Seasons Restaurant since she had contact with owner, Julian Niccolini from his appearances on the Martha Show.
I never imagined having the chance to eat a one of the most iconic restaurants in the city if not the world. The food and service was impeccable at our “power lunch” (a common joke that prevailed at our table). We had so much fun and ate way too much. Thank you Julian for taking such good care of us! We will remember this experience always.
This city has given us so much enjoyment! Thank you NYC! Our week here has ended and on to Maine… More to come…

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