Traditional Japanese Gift Envelope

We will be creating cute flower designs used in decorating traditional Japanese gift envelopes and more. Many times, “pochi-bukuro” is decorated by shiny ribbons. What should be inside? In Japan people enclose money in it.

DECO.Envelope.13You can’t post it, bring it to someone directly.
When is it used?
For wedding (you should select pink, gold, red, happy colors)
For growing up (when somebody’s birthday, celebration for being college student….etc)
For New Years day (Japan has a custom to give money for kids on New Years)
For funerals (you should select black and white ribbon).

Pochi-bukuro – design 1

  1. Make two small DECO Clay balls using two shades of pink.DECO.Envelope.01
  2. Roll it out to 3mm (1/8”) thickness.DECO.Envelope.02
  3. Use texturizing brush to add texture.DECO.Envelope.03
  4. Cut out ume blossom shape using a needle tool.DECO.Envelope.04
  5. Smooth rough edges with water.DECO.Envelope.05
  6. Roll out another pink clay ball to same thickness.  Add texture and cut out petals using the pattern.DECO.Envelope.06
  7. Use DECO Craft Glue to adhere petal pieces onto ume blossom piece.DECO.Envelope.07
  8. Use DECO Detail Stick and make dots in an arch shape.DECO.Envelope.08
  9. Use needle tool and lightly press to create lines.DECO.Envelope.09
  10. Paint the dots and lines using a gold paint.DECO.Envelope.10
  11. Once the ume blossom is dry, decorate on a plain envelope.DECO.Envelope.11
  12. Create different flower designs to make your own pochi-bukuro.DECO.Envelope.12
  13. You can also use Martha Stewart molds to create flower designs easily.

Pochi-bukuro – design 2

  1. Create three DECO Clay balls of different color.  Make one smaller than the two.DECO.Envelope.14
  2. Roll out two large balls into 2mm (1/12”) thickness using a press bar.DECO.Envelope.15
  3. Place two rolled clay together and roll slightly.DECO.Envelope.16
  4. Pick any one side and add texture using texturizing brush.DECO.Envelope.17
  5. Use needle tool and cut into 5mm (3/16”) width ribbons.DECO.Envelope.18
  6. Make a loop and cut the ends with DECO scissors.DECO.Envelope.19
  7. Make eight of these loops.  These will become petals.DECO.Envelope.20
  8. Use DECO Craft Glue and arrange the petals to form a flower.DECO.Envelope.21
  9. Add texture using texturizing brush on the smallest ball and glue on the center of the flower.DECO.Envelope.22
  10. Now you’ve created a flower design.DECO.Envelope.23
  11. Decorate your envelope with this flower design and ribbons.DECO.Envelope.24Tools and Materials used in this project

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