The New Year is here!

A very Happy 2015! Welcoming in 2015 and remembering and appreciating all that 2014 offered…
HNYMost people I spoke to feel that 2014 was one of the fastest years ever! This past year was filled with so many activities and many frequent flier miles… The year began with the revised website being launched. This was a big relief and very exciting to see in its completed form.

A lot of focus was put on the spring arrangement early in the year.Spring Through the year we traveled to various locations to offer courses on these new varieties and techniques. We made several trips within Japan to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu. There were trips to California, Moscow and Taipei for these courses too! Cal Russia JPN TaipeiWe are currently working on the 2015 spring flower arrangement now. Stay tuned for more details…

It was also very early in the year when we added one more staff member to our Hawaii team. We are very happy to have Yokina on our team! She has been doing an excellent job with so many tasks… Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Most years we participate in the Made in Hawaii Festival.Hawaii This year we started making flowers from early on in order to realize our goal of creating a flower shop theme. Due to all the dedication of many, we accomplished our goal. I must give a great BIG THANK YOU to Chenli for keeping the flowers blooming!

Since it was such a busy year and the time slipped away, Tim and I really wanted to get a few days away.Trip We decided to head over to Washington and Oregon to bond with nature. We were so happy that we did… looking forward to going back very soon…

For many years we have been publishing a calendar of some shape or size… This year we completed everything in-house from flower making and arranging, set building, styling and photography. CalendarWe were very happy to see the finished product and that we completely sold out in a matter of a few weeks. Sorry if you were not able to get a copy. Please look for the 2016 calendar around November of this year.

By now many of you should have been able to view the 2015 DECO newsletter. Great collaboration with the Japan and Hawaii offices make it possible to complete this annual publication. 2015.NLThis offers a great opportunity to recap the past year and announce future plans. Online viewing of the newsletter can be found HERE

Thank you again for a great 2014 and we look forward to an even better 2015!

Happy New Year to All!

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