The Modeling Course 2 classes are beginning soon!

For the next month and a half my Mother, the DECO Japan office staff, and I will be traveling Japan. We will be offering instructions on the new DECO Modeling Course 2 Curriculum. This has been a long time coming and now we are able to provide instructor classes for both Intensive and review. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

There are 300+ instructors signed up for this series of classes and several international members from the USA, Russia and Ukraine. We are thrilled and grateful to have the opportunity of sharing these fun new projects and seeing your smiling faces!
All participating instructors will be able to return to their own classes with these new skills in hand. This makes it possible to offer Modeling Course lessons in their classes! Please check to see if your instructor offers the new Modeling Course Curriculum…

I have always been amazed and greatly admired the beautiful pieces that were created in this popular Modeling Course. The Modeling Course projects took many years to develop and possible because of great teamwork. This is actually one of the very first courses offered in the DECO curriculum. We have always looked towards incorporating new clays, techniques and projects to this course. This is going to be a fun curriculum for everyone!

I continue to be amazed by the possibilities of what you can imagine and then create with clay! I am happy to know that there are endless new skills and new projects ahead… we will keep designing the types of clays that work best so we can all create our best works yet. That’s why our hands never stop… If you have ever met my mother, you will know she always keeps occupied with something…

I always wanted create a Bird house with brunches, flowers and a cute little bird perched there admiring nature…
I can’t stop making these!!! I love this bird house project… Made of clay!  How cool is that?

We continue using so many of the Modeling Course techniques that have been so skillfully executed through the years. I can’t believe it has been 31 years now! Thank you ALL for sharing your imagination and dreams … Let’s make something together!

Happy Happy Crafting!

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