The Holidays are near…

We have just finished the DECO annual newsletter and are really excited about seeing this printed… should be receiving these in the next 2 weeks and will be made available online and hard copy.
Will be sure to send out a notice once it is ready…

Christmas snuck up on me this year…
I have wanted to make a large Christmas wreath this year in a rustic feel. Making this 100% from DECO Clay posed to be a very ambitious undertaking and has kept me working for weeks… Thanks to Chenli and many others it has been completed!
We always learn so many new techniques by taking on these intensive projects and this one is no exception. The flowers created for this are dahlia, anemone, ranunculus, rose, thistle, air plants, hypericum berry and artichokes.
As well as flowers, I have been fascinated by all the different textures and shapes of leaves and used this as a good excuse to create lots of varieties to incorporate into this wreath. There are leaves from guava, eucalyptus and orange trees here. Each detail adds such a natural feeling.

To enhance the feeling of Christmas here in the studio Marlo and Kody have been working really hard on some DECO “gingerbread” houses.
All the “candies” look so real! Looking forward to displaying these right next to our
very first live tree here!!!

Hope all your Holiday plans are running smoothly!

See you soon,

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