Thank You Saint Petersburg Class Participants!

We just returned to Tokyo from Saint Petersburg, Russia where we held our annual our seasonal classes.
DECO.Russia.2015.11.05DECO.Russia.2015.11.07This is year marks our sixth consecutive year offering seasonal classes in Russia!
DECO.Russia.2015.11.06It has been the most memorable experience…  each visit we always return home with hearts full of joy and so many wonderful gifts!
DECO.Russia.2015.11.10Recalling the first trip, we remember a feeling of uncertainty and anticipation – not knowing what to expect. And now when we go it is with eagerness and a strong yearning to meet and create with all our friends and DECO family.

Thank you to such a wonderfully talented and dedicated group and thank you for taking this time to share with us. Your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness are a huge inspiration the entire DECO community!

We are so grateful for this time in St. Petersburg and can’t thank everyone enough!
DECO.Russia.2015.11.09A special thank you also goes out to Yulia Kornukova and Olga Petrova for organizing the classes and handling all the fine details making this event a great success!

It goes without saying that these are difficult times all around the world… Having this art gives us a few moments to just be in a really special place together. DECO is known to bring together many like-minded individuals and form deep friendships.
For this we are so very grateful!

This time we happily welcomed students from Dubai, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia and many other regions around Russia! I know we keep saying this but it is so amazing to see everyone’s beautiful projects and all the amazing talent. Russia and the surrounding countries have a long and rich art history and it shows in the works created with DECO.

The beautiful city of St. Petersburg offers so many opportunities for inspiration with the amazing architecture, museums and beautiful palaces.
DECO.Russia.2015.11.01One very memorable place we visited was Catherine’s Palace in the town of Pushkin, named after the famous poet.
DECO.Russia.2015.11.08DECO.Russia.2015.11.03DECO instructor Natalya Tsarkova is so knowledgeable about history and was our personal tour guide! How lucky!
DECO.Russia.2015.11.04Thank you so much Natalya!!! We spent a few hours here and look forward to coming back again soon. It was a real education and one that will remain with us…

With all our hearts, we would like to thank everyone for such warm hospitality and for your friendship! We look forward to seeing everyone again as soon as possible!

Love, DECO

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