…such a nice Holiday season!

Since the Japan office was closed the day before I came back we were able to get together and have a DECO staff luncheon.
This year Tim and I were invited to a few Christmas parties where we met some very nice new friends and neighbors. One of the parties we attended was hosted by a new neighbor in a beautiful house with their wonderful family and friends.  We had a great time and played some interesting and “slightly” embarrassing games!!! Sorry no photos to share…

Back at the DECO Studio our hearts were warmed by all the thoughtful cards and gifts.  It was so nice to see many members- old and new stopping by to wish us “Happy Holidays”.  Thank you everyone!!

This week my Grandmother, Aunty, Uncle, and Cousin came all the way from Japan to visit for the New Year.  It is so nice to have family visit Hawaii, especially my 94 year old Grandma for the holidays.
The year is coming to a close and this is officially my last blog for 2010!!!  I can’t wait to see what the 2011 will bring.  But before that, there is one last thing to do… clean the house.  It’s a tradition instilled in me by my Japanese mother 🙂

Happy New Year and Happy Crafting Everyone!!


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