Spring, Spring, Spring…

Spring is my all time favorite season of the year with new life emerging and so many vibrant colors…my inspiration.  This will be my first spring at the house, and I am excited to see what the garden has in store.  A few weeks ago, I was surprised with blossoms of sweet fragrant shell ginger.  This week it had yet another surprise-Strawberry Guava!!…well almost. The strawberry guava trees are blooming with cute flowers and in the midst of producing what I’ guessing will be some yummy fruit.  I can’t wait to have taste!!  Maybe I’ll make some jam once the fruit has ripened…

I will be going to Japan very soon and will not be returning to Hawaii for one month. Although it may seem like a long and arduous time, the month is very exciting for me as I will be teaching the new C3 Series 8 classes to Instructors in Japan.  After much trial and error, I have managed to complete the look I wanted for the new C3 series and content with the way it turned out (smiling).  I have decided to revamp a traditional DECO flower as well as introduce a few new styles. Bright colors, fuzzy peps, and cheery flowers- I hope the Instructors will enjoy learning the new techniques!! Chenli will be offering classes in the Hawaii studio at starting April 27th.

Another exciting event is becoming more and more of a reality….  My fourth DECO Clay book is a few steps closer to completion-Just a few more projects…!!   The book will be readily available at our 30th Anniversary which will be held in Ginza, Japan.  As of now, it will only be available in Japanese. However I am looking forward to publishing it in English in the very near future.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the support in helping us raise money for the Japan Relief Fund.  We have received many letters of thank you from people in Japan that were affected by these tragic events.  It touches my heart to see and hear that we are making a difference.  We couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Thank you!!

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