Spring is just around the corner…

Hello everyone!

Spring is just around the corner, and I can’t believe how fast February zoomed by!  Naori from the DECO Japan office came to Hawaii to assist me for two weeks.  She’s made so many flowers in such short time, and I’m in awe how dedicated she is!  She’ll be greatly missed when she leaves for Japan next week.
group-photo-02.25.2015My parents also came to visit last week, and we had a get together potluck at our house. marlo-yoki-kody-marg It also happened to be on Yokina’s birthday, so Marlo made her famous crepe cake. bday-crepe-cake It was so amazing!  With great company and delicious food, what else can I ask for!  These are the moments I will definitely cherish.

We currently have three international students from Canada, Moldova and Mongolia who have been taking intensive classes for DECO instructor certification.group-photo-after-demo They share the same language and they’ve become such good friends!  For our international students, my mother did a short demonstration on making figurines. demonstration-1 They were all so focused, trying to absorb as many details as possible.  My mother made figurines for them to keep, and they were ecstatic!!
Today was last day for Victoria, who came all the way from Moldova.  She’s been here for almost one month.  She had a lot of homework, but always finished her homework plus MORE! yukiko-and-victoria-P She really loves DECO, and it’s heartwarming to see more and more people enjoy DECO as much as I do.  Thank you Victoria, and hope to see you again soon!

My best, Yukiko

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  1. Yana Koporski

    I am so thrilled Victoria did well without an interpreter! Although I must say I really enjoyed the weekend I spent in Honolulu helping her settle down.
    In fact, I would really like to learn how to make rannunculus flowers!!!
    It was great meeting you,
    All the best

    Yana from Maui (Moldova)