spring blooms

Each year spring comes and offers longer and warmer days; this energy gives new life to all living things-my favorite season. Although spring brings me happiness and floods my spirit with inspiration,  my heart is heavy with the thought of those affected in the recent Japan tragedy and I pray that this positive life force will give strength, warmth and new growth to the heart. The Japanese culture has always honored the spring season with the beauty of the cherry blossoms. This year, the cherry blossoms will bloom again and the people will find joy and comfort in this amazing and resilient life.
One day I discovered that we have a type of ginger called; “shell Ginger” growing near our house.  I was once again really moved by the continuity of nature- always producing, always growing.
Nature makes this beauty with ease and when we try to recreate the look with clay we are reminded that nature IS absolutely amazing. Recently my mother and I have been working countless hours on how to make tulips in an advanced form. After lots of trial and error, we were able to find the right techniques to achieve the look we were after. We were so happy with the way it turned out!  This will be the flower for the new C3 series 8 curriculum classes. Classes are scheduled to begin in April in Tokyo and Hawaii, we are looking forward to sharing these new techniques with you. Please look for the schedule to come out soon. Schedule Here


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