Some new display pieces…

This is what I has been keeping me busy for the last couple weeks. Since we are limited to displaying on the back wall of the booth, we have to be creative when hanging anything, this can be very difficult within the confines of a 20′ by 10′ space. This year I am attempting to display flowers inside frames made of art board. This material is very light but very sturdy. To accent, I found some live snake grass. There are six different sizes of frames; each with a different color scheme. This is a good way to show of the colors and display many varieties of flowers. It really gives a good idea of what flowers & colors are possible with CLAYCRAFT.


At first, I started work on a green color theme and moved on to yellow & orange. After seeing these progress I felt that I needed some white and, last but not least, PINK. It was very fun to work on these colors and to have the chance to make so many different types of flowers. I think it’s safe to say there are about 30 varieties in all…. If I only had more time, I could go on and on making more and more…. I was honestly amazed a how many types of flowers that can be created.


The arrangements that were brought in by the instructors for the Made in Hawaii festival are so nice. Everyone had worked so hard and really made some beautiful pieces. The quality and techniques keep improving each and every year. I am so proud of everyone! Thank you for all your hard work.

We will begin setting up things today for the Made in Hawaii show. It will take a couple of days to get things just right. We are hoping for a good turnout and looking forward to seeing you all at the show.


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  1. Debashri

    This is mindblowing work! Miss you all and miss being in Hawaii and being part of all this fun … Have a great time at the Made in Hawaii festival.

  2. Shahida (Singapore)

    wow…all look beautiful…!!