roses, roses…and more roses!!

Lately, I have been challenging myself to create new flowers such as roses, roses…and more roses!!  Well, more like new variations of a single flower (smiling). Fortunately, my experimentations have been coming along and very pleased on how they are turning out!!  I always joke with everyone that our flower techniques start as the Rose and ends with the Rose.  I guess Roses are the base of all flowers.  Roses have always been one of my favorite flowers with many varieties to choose from.  I had wonderful opportunities in seeing many types of these romance flora and noticed that the “ever-so-many” petal English Rose is currently the “it” bloom of the season. I just love them so much!!
With this love and success, I have decided to do Roses for the next flower course Curriculum 3 series 9!! I hope everyone who takes this series will love the techniques and flowers just as much as I loved creating them.
Once again, I am leaving for Japan early next month to teach Curriculum 3 Series 9 and will not be back for a couple of weeks. In the mean time, Chenli will be teaching classes at the Hawaii DECO Academy and will be assisting me in teaching the new series classes when I return. I will keep everyone posted on the dates for enrollment.

Many visitors from Japan have been stopping by to say hello and it is wonderful to see that everyone is slowly recovering from the Japan disaster.  Even though progress has been made, I still pray for the safety of the people in Japan.

To finalize today’s entry, we had a couple custom orders… A big thank you for letting us help with your special day with this gardenia bouquet! Also, a small centerpiece for Hawaii’s sensational Ukulele player, Mr. Jake Shimabukuro. He is getting married!!  It has been so nice to work with Jake’s staff and I am very happy in being a part of his special day.


I feel summer inching its way into Islands which can only mean one thing……our Mango Tree is almost ready!!

Happy Crafting Everyone!!


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