Quick update…

This year has begun with many new clay creations and they are coming together nicely…  For the past 2 weeks I have been fully immersed in several major projects. I am really excited about how the DECO spring arrangement is coming along! DECO.Blog.01122015These project courses will begin very soon… Will be sure to post info about this in the coming weeks…

The 35th anniversary of the DECO Clay Craft Academy will be coming up in 2016! In order to commemorate this milestone we will be publishing a collective book featuring works of DECO instructors. We are looking forward to working closely with everyone and the excitement is really beginning to grow! More details will be sent out very soon.

This evening I fly out to Tokyo for meetings and staff trainings for our upcoming curriculum lessons in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu. This will be a short 1 week trip. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Sorry for the lack of communications lately… I have had my hands busy with lots of clay work… Sending my best to ALL of you!


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