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Practical and decorative art pieces that are one-of-a-kind which can
easily made by anyone, have been the main focus of our development.

Here you can learn just about everything there is to know about
DECO Clay Crafting and a fully stocked retail area for all your project needs.

  • Creative Course Curriculum

    The Creative Course is a shared course between Flower Course and Modeling Course that aims in further enhancing your techniques after becoming a certified DECO instructor. With the improvements in the types of clays in recent years, colors can easily be mixed in order to create lightweight and durable projects can be created. Projects in this course are designed to allow students to learn advanced painting techniques.

    Seasonal items and home interior pieces are the basis of this course. Participants in this course are sure find this course very rewarding with finished pieces will be cherished for many years.

    Completion of Flower Course I&II required

  • Creative Course Curriculum