Colors, do you go towards bright or pastel?  I for one love both…the best of both worlds! (Depending on the season, of course, and my mood)  Colors inspire me in my everyday life and in everything I do.  The idea of coming up with my own clay colors is really what got me hooked on working with the DECO clay.  I can find myself mixing clay into a myriad of colors, for hours on end.  It soothes me…very therapeutic!


When I was a young child, believe it or not, I was a very shy little girl, but I was also very opinionated when it came to colors and how they were used.  A good (and funny) example was when my Mother and I were visiting one of her friends, and as we entered her home, I said, “I don’t think these colors match!”    Now that I’m older, I’m still obsessing over color, but using that “obsession” to help others with their class projects.  It’s so rewarding to me, that I’m able to help students in their search for that “perfect” color combo.

I also recently renovated some rooms in my house.  I selected several color options to paint the rooms, which drove the painters crazy!  I’m happy to say that my bathroom is now “pink.”  Any shade of “pink” makes me happy!

Here are some of my favorite “PINK” creations.


If you come by the studio, you will more than likely see a lot more, and yes, it’s safe to say, I’m PASSIONATE ABOUT PINK! 🙂

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  1. Debashri

    I just HAVE to say…. WOW! 🙂

  2. Shahida (Singapore)

    Hi yukiko! How are you?
    I saw your blog few days ago..anyway love pink too!