Peony Heaven

Since all our DECO flower works start by the careful studying of fresh flowers, I realized long ago that I must be surrounded by these beauties. I am always searching for the freshest and most interesting varieties… Having always wanted to visit a flower farm, I took a chance on a peony workshop that was held in Washington state. I heard about Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower Farm from several wedding sites and recently from
Martha’s magazine.
DECO.06.12.2015.Floret.01 When I learned that she would be holding a special peony workshop, I signed up right away. Erin’s taste in floral designs along with all the beautiful flowers she grows on her farm makes for the complete package. Poppy, sweet peas, anemone, English roses and sooooo many more! DECO.06.12.2015.Floret.02BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh yea, did I mention dahlias bloom soon…

I have just last night returned from my trip to Washington State and my excitement is at an all time high! I literally could not wait to get up this morning and begin putting all this inspiration to good use in my clay work. Just realized, I have skipped lunch…

Upon first arriving at the location where we would be having this workshop I knew then that I had made the right choice. It was easy to see that Floret had prepared everything just so… What a great team of creative hard working people with the warmest hearts and smiles. The barn where the workshop was held was a historical barn that had been rebuilt for the purpose to hold artist workshops, just like this one, it was the perfect backdrop! DECO.06.12.2015.Floret.03Thank you Erin and the entire Floret team for all your inspiration and making this workshop so special!

While I was in the workshop Tim combed the countryside for rustic goods for our displays, upcoming books and 35th anniversary. We found so much good stuff… 10 boxes full of goodies shipped back to Hawaii 🙂

I knew there were a lot of varieties of peony, but I did not realize there would be a day when I could be around so many at one time. I am so thankful to have the chance to have so many specimens to study. I even got a chance to visit Geraldine’s peony farm! DECO.06.12.2015.Floret.04Thank you!!! I feel like I have known you forever… Please tell Fred and BIG thanks for his warm hospitality too!

Each night I selected a few special flowers that caught my interest and I would try to recreate these beauties in clay… It was a real joy and a great education in my flower studies; just had to decide which one to make first.

Thank you Terry and Julie for hosting us during our stay here in Washington! You made this a very special stay in Skagit County by sharing all your knowledge and passion for this amazing environment. DECO.06.12.2015.Floret.05It was ever changing scenery with the tides coming in and out twice a day, all the beautiful birds flying here and there, the seals and otters frolicking in the rich waters and so much more… We will be back for sure!

I guess I should get my hands back to flower work…DECO.06.12.2015.Floret.06 this is what I have made since returning…

Counting all my blessings 🙂

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