For the DECO 30th anniversary event, I made several pieces to display. The main display was made to fit a large wall space. I was so busy with a long list of other very important projects which kept me from focusing on this piece until a couple months before the show.  This was a huge amount of pressure and needed more time! Even though it was not ready in time to be published in the Anniversary gallery book, I still didn’t want to give up on this. Most of my inspirations came from Hawaii and the beauty of nature and the things I create every day.  So it was pretty easy for me to decide what to create and I knew this would be big task and would take so much time to complete; especially since this was such a huge event!!!

The title of this piece was “PARADISO DE LA FLEUR” (in English, Flowers in Paradise).

The meaning of Paradise to me is the beauty of nature with all the flowers, birds, blue sky and trees.  I made as many flowers as possible and assembled them in and around large white frames intertwined with tree branches and singing birds.

I thought it would be nice to add some famous poetry of nature to capture the feel I was going for and decided to silkscreen these on the canvas. 6a010534a0eb9e970b0153939d386d970b

With all the support of so many I was able to complete these pieces just a couple days before the show started…

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me realize my dream and visions for this show! Without you, I could not do what I do! I have been wanting to share these photos of all my creations for this special event in the blog for a long time. I hope you all enjoy them!


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