Fresh new DECO 2014 Calendar…

Over the course of the last couple months, we have been focusing on creating many fresh new items to showcase in the upcoming DECO 2014 Calendar.

The printer is requesting these photos as soon as possible and our hands have not stopped working… These timely projects can really put the stress levels to the max. Many deadlines and time waits for no woman or man…
Having an unwillingness to never sacrifice quality work is a taxing and exhaustive undertaking each and every time. The main thing that keeps us on track and moving full steam ahead is ALL of you! Your amazing words of encouragement and excitement for DECO inspire us more than you will ever know. For you, we have given our best effort to this making this calendar and hope this translates into the completed project.
We are proud of all the work that went into each and every little piece of this calendar. Together, we are able to make these beautiful things… Wow!!!
Saying thank you to our team for putting 110% into this project is not enough… I know it was at times a struggle, but everything good always seems to be… One more time, please allow me the chance to thank everyone who worked so hard this last two months trying to make this happen.  It was a bit of a crazy idea to complete 12 projects of this size in only two months! But we did it!!! What a beautiful team we have!
Thank you to the Japan office team, the Hawaii office team and of course, Chenli for working so hard for long hours creating beautiful things together!  We came this far because you are all amazing!  Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

The idea behind this calendar was to showcase a whole array of fresh new ideas and possibilities of DECO clay crafting. I am so excited to have an opportunity like this to share this with everyone. We seriously cannot wait for this to come back from the printer. We are expecting to receive the final products early November 🙂

Next exciting project:
My mother, Tim and I are heading to Russia for classes next week! We are so looking forward to seeing all of you! This time, we will be traveling to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Should be fun and we will share many pictures soon!

All my best, Yukiko

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