Only a few more days… Santa is on his way…

Christmas is just around the corner… are you ready?

As with most years, it has been pretty busy with getting ready for holidays season and teaching classes here at the studio.  The seasonal projects are coming out great with everyone making so many beautiful things!  I have also made Dragon which is the zodiac animal for 2012.  This has become a New Year’s tradition here and it all started with a little mouse 5 years ago… Couldn’t find all of them, but here are a few…

We had a nice dinner the other night to kick off the Holiday Season… Thank you for the nice friendship and great food!

Also, the DECO Head office in Japan is now busy preparing for an exhibition of spring flowers at the Mitsukoshi in Tokyo this coming February.  I am working on some new spring flower arrangements to display.  I am so grateful for all being able to have so much help from Chenli. It has been wonderful working together on this and we have so much fun trying all kinds of new flowers.  We will share some photos of these soon…

This time of year, Tim and I edit and design the annual DECO newsletter; we normally send this out to over 15,000 members and instructors in Japan and abroad.

There are so many pictures this year and much exciting news to share…  We will be sending this out to instructors at the beginning of 2012.  If you would like to receive a copy, please let us know.

My Checklist for Christmas:
Decorate the house and trim the tree – check
Wrap the presents – check
Sending out Christmas cards – check
Snow on the ground – maybe not…

Wishing you a bright and delightful holiday season!


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