New Molds and Tools for ALL!

Great news!
We just received the first batch of new molds and details sticks and they are even better than we imagined!!! These were a long time in the making and totally worth the effort. We had the privilege of working with a local ceramics expert to capture exactly the textures we were looking for. Creating original molds like this requires a huge amount of time and commitment. We are sure that you will enjoy working with these new tools as much as we do!

More details about the uses of these:
Mold F is mainly used to recreate the true look and feel of the Plumeria leaf.
Mold G was fashioned with smaller leaf flowers like the Gardenia and more.
Mold H has a very unique and organic shape that is perfect for flowers leaves of Stephanotis and other flowers in the jasmine family
Textured Detail Stick set has limitless uses and these 3 unique textures have been keeping us entertained for countless hours. We have used them for flower petals, leaves and even stems. These also work beautifully when working with figurines and motifs.

These new molds and tools are now available from the Ritz & Co. Japan office. In Hawaii we will be stocking these early next week.

I am looking forward to hearing how these new tools assist everyone in their clay creations!


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  1. Patricia

    I love your art! Please send me info and best way to get tools etc
    Thank you!!

    • admin

      Hello Patricia, Thanks for your kind support! We have a whole line of clay crafting products on our online shop at
      Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist further. Happy Crafting!