Nearing the 2015 DECO Calendar

Hello Everyone!

The photo shoot for the 2015 DECO calendar was a success and I’m so excited for everyone to see it! DECO.09.09.2014.04We are expecting delivery in Japan around October and elsewhere in November.  So many thanks to the whole DECO team creating each detail and the beautiful styling!   Each creation was impeccably beautiful and we carefully selected the setting and background to complement each masterpiece… From solid color boards to dark wood panels, styling for each month seemed as if we were playing jigsaw puzzles, but with heavy wood panels and boards!DECO.09.09.2014.05

In Hawaii we are blessed with the most gorgeous afternoon sun that provides perfect lighting in the studio, but it is also the hottest time of the day… we were drinking water constantly as to not get dehydrated. DECO.09.09.2014.06 Hours seemed like minutes and I thought it was an endless challenge…DECO.09.09.2014.03  It required three whole days to complete the photos since we were not willing to compromise the quality of the finished product.   Thank you Tim for all your hard work taking, re-taking and editing pictures… DECO.09.09.2014.07 We couldn’t have done it without your big help!DECO.09.09.2014.01

Now I’m in Japan getting ready for my trip to Russia.  I can’t believe it has already been one year since my last visit to Russia.  I’m looking forward to meet all of you in Russia very soon!

All my best to ALL of you,


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