California Classes

I just returned from Japan teaching the new C3 Series 4 classes consisting of Christmas and New Year’s projects. As always, it was a very fast paced trip and I still have jet lag! Fortunately, this is was the last Japan trip for the year!

Next we are off to Northern California with my mother to teach the instructors there the new C3 classes. We are very excited  about this great opportunity for us to meet the instructors and also for the instructors to get to know each other and create a great bond and support group for themselves!

While in San Francisco we also plan to visit some new stores to introduce our line of products. There are some nice shops that we would love to visit!

Below are pictures of our 2009 Christmas and New Year’s kits. When I return from California, classes will begin in Hawaii for these kits. Remember to check your email and our website for updates on when the kits will be available and also to sign up for these kit classes. Also please remember that every year we only have a limited stock of these kits, so don’t wait too long to get yours!

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