Moscow classes

We are just a few days into the Moscow classes and the warm weather and even warmer hearts have been the most precious gifts! Thank you to the wonderfully talented and dedicated group that has been part of these classes so far. Your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness are a huge inspiration to all of the DECO community! You continue to amaze us!!! Thank You!
DECO.Blog.09.22.2014.02During these few days we have had a chance to share so many great things together. We also were very eager to see Olga Petrova’s new studio and were so impressed with the design and comfortable vibe that has been created there.
DECO.Blog.09.22.2014.01 It easy to see all the effort that went into the renovations. Great Job! I’m sure so many great things are to come of this…

Will add more to this post in the coming days… See you soon!

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