I am coming out with a new book, published once again by Island Heritage, scheduled to be released later this fall!  We just finished the photo shoot last Tuesday.

I had to complete this project within a month or so, but I caught a really bad cold (which I haven’t had in a long time), so I was down and unproductive for a week.  Once I felt a little better, I really had to concentrate on getting everything done.  I managed to get them all done with help from my wonderful cohorts.


Publishing a book is a long and arduous process.  Many people are involved from conceptualization, to printing, and then marketing…finally seeing your book manifests itself on bookshelves.  Even though it seems there is no end in sight, the long grueling hours leading up to the photo shoot is well worth the wait.  I love to do “styling” on the (photo shoot) set to make everything just so, seeing to it that each project will shine and get captured just right.  Sometimes I find it much easier to express my ideas and visions by “doing,” than to verbalize.  I’m so thankful to Island Heritage for giving me reigns, letting me share my ideas, suggestions, and for letting me be “hands on” from start to finish.

Before I head off to Japan, I have one more Macy’s order to put together, so as you can imagine, the studio is a buzz with work!



P. S.  I’ll do my best to post a few, on the blog, while I’m in Japan. 🙂

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  1. Hasmin Cannon

    Hi Yukiko! Congratulations on your new book…can’t wait for it to come out. 🙂
    Love the view of the house you did your photo shoot.