Moments to charish…

This trip has been such a heartwarming experience! With only one day of classes left I am going to enjoy every moment we have left together… Even though we put a pretty demanding schedule on all the instructors, they put 110% of their effort into completing the projects. Not only completing the projects everyone made really beautiful pieces! My mother and I are so impressed with the skill level, dedication and enthusiasm of everyone. Great work everyone and thank you for sharing in this art with us!
So many instructors were so sweet to give us gifts which will be cherished!
Last night we all got together for food and drink… I had never eaten Georgian cuisine until then. It was a really tasty treat of grilled meats, vegetables and hearty soups.
I noticed that the types of food in this region of the world are most often foods that are simply prepared and showcase the raw ingredients. Tim and I really like this kind of food! I am very thankful for this and for the wonderful time spent with friends and learning more about each other.  Makes me happy to think that we may have another chance to try some more yummy regional food again tonight and enjoy each others company once more. I will enjoy every moment!

Thank YOU!!!


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