May Day = Lei Day in Hawaii

May Day is also known as Lei Day in Hawaii. Lei Day became an official holiday in 1929. On May 1st of each year in Hawaii we celebrate May Day by presenting a lei to those you hold special. This year with all the fresh blooms in our yard I decided to wake up with the sun to pick flowers and make a couple haku lei.DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.01 Haku lei are also known as a “Crown lei” and worn on the head.DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.03 DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.02 Any type of flower is suitable to make these but there are many traditional ways as well. Each Hawaiian island even has it’s own flower. I find this so interesting!

In these photos Chenli and Yokina are wearing the haku lei and Tim and Kody have on handmade DECO lei. DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.04It was so much fun making and presenting these beauties!

I another photo you will see an amazing set of DECO Clay lei.DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.05 This was made by Naori and was featured in the 2015 DECO calendar for May.

There are also DECO Clay plumeria ready to be strung into a lei and some fresh lei from last year’s May Day festival in Kapiolani Park. DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.06DECo.Clay.05.01.2015.07 If you ever have a chance to see these fresh lei on display you will be amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship.

Wishing you a very happy Lei Day!

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  1. Sandy de Brum

    Can you ship to mainland ?

    • admin

      Hello Sandy,
      We are happy to ship to you in the mainland. Please visit our shop site for more details If you would like to make a phone order, please call 808-735-7800.
      DECO Clay Craft Academy