May Day is “Lei Day” here in Hawai’i!

It is a local custom in the Hawaiian Islands that on May 1st many festivals and events are held around the state (it even has its own song).  Everyone wears flowers, schools have pageants, a contest for the most beautiful lei or garland, a May Day Queen is crowned, dance competitions in both ancient and modern hulas, and popular acts entertain locals and visitors alike. There’s so much to take in and do!


My favorite part of “Lei Day” is to go down to Kapi’olani Park to look at all the beautiful leis that are displayed for the contest.   I found myself repeating over and over, “it’s so beautiful!” at every creation I laid my eyes on!  Another thing I found so spectacular was seeing all the different shades of colors, created by combining plants and flowers grown in Hawai’i!  If by chance you and your family are in Honolulu on May 1st, please make sure to stop by and check out the lei display at the park…you won’t be disappointed, and maybe even get wonderfully inspired!

Now, speaking of getting inspired…I just had to share the beautiful Peony bouquet that Chenli and some of the other instructors created for the CIII class project.  Chenli takes over teaching classes at the studio while I’m in Japan and helps me when I need an extra pair of hands for larger classes, such as the CIII course.  We’re constantly impressed by the talent and quality of everyones work!


Good news…we have finally finished all the Mother’s Day orders for Macy’s and are now focusing on completing wedding orders…then off to Japan.

How does the saying go?  “All work and no play…?”  Anyway, even with my busy schedule, I was able to steal away some quality time and spend it at the beach!  One of my favorites is Waimanalo beach, which offers a scenic view of the valley.  The water felt soooo good!  (I should have added a little more sunscreen though…OUCH!)

‘Till next time-


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