Lucky Charms

 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Lots of luck in these cute do it yourself shamrock bouquets.

DECO.St.Patricks.01111DECO.St.Patricks.01Mix a nice green color of CLAYCRAFT Soft Clay

DECO.St.Patricks.02Roll out light green clay onto #20 gauge hadaka wire to make stem.  Let dry.

DECO.St.Patricks.03Pick any shade of green clay, make four ½” ~ ¾” (12mm ~ 20mm) diameter balls.

DECO.St.Patricks.04Form into teardrop shape.

DECO.St.Patricks.05Press onto backside of DECO mold D to form round leaf shape.  Keep round edge thin.

DECO.St.Patricks.06Use needle tool to cut heart shape.

DECO.St.Patricks.07Remove from mold D, roll DECO detail stick to smooth out edge.

DECO.St.Patricks.08Use jumbo eyesizer to form cup shape.

DECO.St.Patricks.09Cut #28 gauge green wire into 5.  Remove clay from base of leaf, add glue to #28 wire and insert at base of leaf for more control over assembly.  Stretch clay to cover wire and smooth out with a little water.

DECO.St.Patricks.10Repeat steps to make four leaves.  Let dry.

DECO.St.Patricks.11Add glue to base of each leaf.

DECO.St.Patricks.12Place four leaves overlapping each other.

DECO.St.Patricks.13Assemble four leaves together and smooth bottom with water.

DECO.St.Patricks.14Cut off excess wire.

DECO.St.Patricks.15Add glue and insert stem.

DECO.St.Patricks.16Paint whole leaf using #2 bamboo brush.

DECO.St.Patricks.17Draw white lines using DECO #0 brush and let dry.

DECO.St.Patricks.19Apply DECO semi-gloss using DECO #12 brush.

DECO.St.Patricks.20Make more shamrock stems in various sizes.

DECO.St.Patricks.21Tape all stems together with floral tape.

DECO.St.Patricks.22Tie with a rope and you’re finished!

DECO.St.Patricks.23Products used in this DIY

DECO.St.Patricks.011Chip approves of this project!

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