Living Hawai’i

It’s summer! We have a summer swell in on the south shore. When you see and hear the waves, you know its summer. Here in Hawai’i we don’t have that much of a change from season to season; especially not like where I grew up in Japan. Living here you often hear more weather reports about how high the waves are around the island. When south swell is high, it is summer and in the winter the north shore is happening! How easy is that? 🙂



We have been seeing so many people going to the beach with their surfboards, so you can imagine the beach being super crowded. I made myself go to the beach last weekend, motivated by new beach wear, but just a few minutes out in the sun you realize it can get very hot. It seems like we will have a very, very hot summer in Hawaii with bigger than average waves.

I have been looking at all the different colors for this summer, I love all these bright COLORS! I get inspired seeing the new summer clothing lines. The designs including stripes, dots and flower prints, vibrant colors for summer give me a big smile and it’s my favorite season for clothes and of course the weather is not bad. I found some pretty print fabrics that I’m hoping to use someday with my creations. I love pretty prints and colors …. just one of the many things that inspires me so much.


Now that summer is here, we at the Honolulu studio have arranged our class availability to accommodate everyone’s individual course. A student can work on their CI/II or the Tropical Flowers Course at any day of the week we offer classes, unless of course it’s a day/time slotted for our new CIII course for certified instructors. Check our class calendar to sign up. 🙂

This past weekend we had another of our CIII classes. This time, the students were taught how to make more elaborate flowers and painting techniques to enhance them. They will have two weeks to finish their flowers. The assembling of the finished project will be done on our next meeting, and I just can’t wait to see all the different colors that they decide to use on their project…so FUN !


I just saw the first of several proofs of my new book “Clay Art for Special Occasions” from the publishing company. It is very pretty! The book is slated to be out in book stores by late September 2009. I can’t wait !!!


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  1. Shahida

    hi yukiko .
    thank you for sharing a piece of hawaii… i wish can go there in future….by the way can’t wait for yr new book..;) have a a nice suntan.