Let the CELEBRATIONS begin!

This is the time to celebrating our 35th anniversary with a beautiful gala on July 1st at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and so much more!

We are so pleased that over 300 instructors from Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Hawaii and many other countries will be attending this momentous occasion in celebration of 35 great years of DECO. We are truly excited about this special event and for the chance to celebrate this special moment with everyone!

Several groups of instructors and the DECO head offices will be creating some amazing centerpieces for the tables at the gala. We are super excited to decorate this party with our clay flower centerpieces!DECO.06.06.2016.01 This is something we all can enjoy! Thank you to all the participants! We will be sure to share photos of these beauties after the gala…

From June 30th~July 2nd we will be holding an open house gallery at our head office in Tokyo. Please come say Hello! We are so happy to see all the excitement and involvement in these activities! A special workshop is also planned for those coming from international countries. So much to look forward to!

We would like to offer a special thank you for the fresh flower arrangements and styling for the gala provided by Rie Waki from SMILE DC.

We are all so grateful for your continued support over these years.

Thank you so much!

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  1. ayyasamijanakiraman

    .theawesome decoclay art attracts me very much.iwishto learn the art in singapore. please let me know the details andoblige

    • admin


      We are happy to hear your interest in learning the DECO Art. To find an instructor nearest your area (Singapore), please feel free to visit our class page at https://www.decoclay.com/classes/ for instructor’s direct contact information. There you will find a list of active certified instructors organized by last name, however you may re-organize the list by country. If you need further assistance, please contact us at shop@decoclay.com

      All the best,