Kody’s Blog Entry from the Hawaii Bridal Expo

I asked Kody to write a little something about the recent Bridal Expo. Please enjoy!

Being able to promote DECO at the Honolulu Bridal Expo in July was a great experience!  The exhibit has over a hundred participating local vendors with thousands of people attending for wedding ideas and business annually.  It was a first time experience for me, although Yukiko and members of the DECO Academy have participated a few times in the past.  It has been a few years since DECO last enrolled as a vendor and everyone was ecstatic to get back into the wedding scene!
Preparing for the exhibit was a little nerve wrecking at first, but everything turn out as planned…actually, better than expected!  Much thanks to Yukiko, Chenli and Yumi for taking great care in preparing display pieces for the booth – endlessly creating flowers for bouquets, corsages, and everything you can think of for weddings.

During the expo, many people came to visit our booth and were amazed of what can be achieved with DECO soft clay and the realism it portrayed.  It was very exciting to see so many interested in custom orders and also learning the DECO Art!  I have a feeling the Academy will be busy in the very near future with bridal inquiries.

The exhibition brought a lot of new and exciting experiences – meeting new people, making a few new friends, and best of all, promoting the many possibilities of DECO! I am looking forward to seeing the company expand even further and hope to participate in next year’s Bridal Expo.


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