Just back from a stay in the cold winter weather of Japan…

This experience serves as a great reminder of how tough you need to be to survive the harshness of this season. To help survive the cold weather a good long hot bath does just the trick.

The C3 classes went very well and I always enjoy seeing everyone while in Japan. I even had a time to see a couple of my longtime friends who for some reason haven’t net for such a long time. I feel fortunate to have this time to spend with my family, especially my 94 year old grandmother. Being away from Japan I realize all the little things that I miss, such as well appointed convenience stores (you can find everything almost anything there in that little space) and the availability of good food everywhere.  Even thought the weather was still very cold I noticed many signs of spring like the plum blossoms and tulips peeking out. I just happened to see these beautiful flowers at a corner flower shop. There were so many kinds of spring flowers…It was so inspiring and refreshing not to mention the smell of fresh flowers.

The spring collection was on display at the main floral supplier, so I picked some favorite new fillers and vases for the Hawaii studio. They are always coming out with something new and with such realism.

In between classes I have been working on the next DECO C3 project; this will be the 6th in the series coming in April. There are so many new ideas and techniques coming in these C3 classes. We are very excited to offer these classes and to teach these new techniques.
I will be in Hawaii during the month of March; this will give me a chance to find a normal life routine and to be healthy for the next trip. Travel takes its toll after a while… Eating well and exercising is the best way for me to be able to maintain…

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