It’s time again for our annual DECO newsletter…


DECO has published this newsletter every year and 2015 will be our 23rd one.  Each year the pages have increased with more and more information to share.  We are very excited to share this with all our members & instructors who live all around the world.  Of course, even if you are not member, you will be able to download the file from our website early in January 2015. Our team handles everything from taking photos to creating all the designs to make this beautiful newsletter.DECO.Blog.11.20.2014.01This year, we are making a fun front cover design with all different shades of stem flowers & fruits. Chenli and I were working on creating all these and Tim took beautiful pictures. This overhead shot and setting all these flowers on the floor bending all day long made our bodies hurt a bit, but we managed 🙂
We also changed up this design a bit to create our first Crafter’s notebooks which will be available next year! We will be sure to announce when these are ready.

In between work we always try to take some time to get inspired…
Tim and I had an invitation to go to a delicious vegan cheese tasting. DECO.Blog.11.20.2014.02 This was made by a Japanese lady who lives in San Francisco. You would never know these cheeses weren’t made of dairy. It’s made of organic cashews, coconut oil and other healthy ingredients.  They are all vegan, organic and gluten-free products.  “You are what you eat” We believe these words and try to maintain a healthy diet. MIYOKO’S KITCHEN cheese is so yummy and tasty. Please check it out if you like.

Yokina, our newest DECO team member has started to create her first curriculum projects with Chenli and she is doing really well. DECO.Blog.11.20.2014.03Our studio has been busy with classes with everyone making beautiful things!

Next week is already Thanksgiving and a great time for getting together with friends and family!

DECO will participate in the Annual Holiday Craft Fair at Mission Houses on 11/29 8:30am-3pm.
Please come by & say hello!

Wishing you all the best,

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