Instructor’s Class

This past weekend my Mother taught a special DECO instructors class at our Honolulu studio. Even though we announced the class somewhat last minute, we still had a nice group of instructors who signed up for the workshop to learn about figurines.

The class was just what we needed to learn more about body proportion and adding clothes to the figures. I must say everyone produced such nice figurines and had A LOT of fun working on body proportioning!


For those of you not familiar with how my Mother works with clay, it is quite AMAZING how fast she works with it. Her fingers move so quickly thru the clay that it’s like seeing magic being performed! Being her daughter, I don’t think I’ll ever reach her level of caliber; she has been doing this for over 30 years, since I was a little girl. So she is definitely someone I look up to and she makes me realize that learning is a never ending process, practice makes perfect, and to have fun within your own level of creativity!

Just a little side note…my Mother is a very busy woman, and when she’s here visiting Hawai’i with my Father, they both take a lot of time relaxing and playing golf. (Oh how they love the sport!) So I want to thank her for letting me steal one day of her time away from the golf course. 🙂

Can you believe we’re already in February and Spring is coming soon? We have lots of projects coming up and it’s going to be another exciting and busy year!

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