Instructor workshop

On Thursday night we held an instructor workshop with my mother at the studio. During this class we worked on mastering the basic skills of figurines and body proportioning. We all know how hard is to work on composition & balance of figurines. After so many years of developing her techniques, my mother has some very straightforward approaches to teach just about anyone how to get great results.

I am still amazed at how easy she makes it look. It was definitely great opportunity to learn from her and thank you so much for all those who could attend the class!


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  1. Jacqueline

    Hi Yukiko!
    I discovered your stunning work on Flickr and just had to find out more! I am a cake decorator with experience in gumpaste flowers and am wondering if my skills would transfer well to this clay? I have contacted a local Instructor here in California and can’t wait to find out when I might start classes. I am just overwhelmed with the beauty of your work! Thank you!