I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

We anticipate a really exciting year in the DECO clay world with lots of news to share very soon about some exciting new products and opportunities…

Last week we traveled to the East Coast for meetings and trainings.  And, while we were so close, we stayed a few nights in the Big Apple. I really love this city! There is so much diversity in culture and interests in each and every neighborhood.  We were fortunate to get tickets to the first live show for 2012 of the Martha Stewart Show!

The show was all about healthy living and offered some great advice on how to begin the New Year right. If you missed the show, you can still view it here.

The weather was really nice for this time of year with Saturday being almost 50 degrees! We walked all over the place until our feet were sore…
It seems that around every corner there is something interesting and makes you want to explore more. Most of the time we would just grab little bites from here and there as not to fill up and miss the chance to try something else. While walking in Central Park we came across the ice skating rink and with some persuasion, I talked Tim into going on the ice with me.
I think he actually ended up enjoying it very much… I know I did 🙂

The time in New York went so fast and now back to the studio to work on flowers.  I’m so filled with ideas and will share these soon!

Aloha, Yukiko

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