I hope your all having a nice holiday season!

Are you ready for Christmas?
DECO Hawaii has been settling into our new studio and we really love this new space! Hope to see you there soon…

Since last week, my mother has been here working together preparing for next year’s new class projects…
We are going to start classes in Tokyo in March for the revised DECO Creative Course and also the new Tropical II Course. All classes will be offering here in Hawaii and other locations shortly after. We put all our creativity and challenged ourselves to make fun and useful items everyone will enjoy and learn from. It is always hard in the beginning, but with persistence it all works out in the end. Once these projects are just right, we will be assembling the instructions and details into the new textbooks.

We have received the new 2013 DECO calendar!
This one is really cute with all our new creations made during this year. We are so glad to share these photos with everyone! You can visit our shop for more details. www.decoclay.com/shop
Or, if you are in the neighborhood you can come visit our new studio! This will make a great stocking stuffer!

My mother and I have made gingerbread houses out of CLAY!
I always wanted to create these and since they will last forever, I will bring them out each Christmas. I plan to make a whole scene by adding new ones every year.

Thank you again for a great year together and my best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

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