I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day!

Is has been wonderful and busy time in Japan and I have just finished some really long days of photo shoots for our new book… The theme of this book is using clay flowers for new gift ideas and will be available in all major Japan book stores by mid September.  We are also planning to publish an English translation of this book in the very near future.  I feel that everything turned out great and it is going to be a fun way to let more people know about DECO Clay Crafting!  I would like to thank everyone who made this possible. This has been a great opportunity to meet such talented individuals and I learned so much from them.

With the Curriculum 3 Series 8 class completed in Tokyo there are now many instructors able to offer these new techniques. It was very heartfelt reunion with all the instructors and members; sharing stories of the after effects of the earthquake and tsunami knowing we are all in this together and here to support one another.  It gave me great hope and encouragement to continue helping and praying for a positive future for my home country.  My mother and I will continue trying to supporting everyone’s efforts… It is so good to see happy smiles upon everyone’s faces and a wonderful gift it is to hear the joyful and hopeful stories of everyone being able to attend class again.

There is still a long list of things to do before leaving Japan; one of which is meeting with the event planning committee for the 30th Anniversary show.  Things have been coming along really well with all the display details (exciting!!) and book for the bear and wreath project (photos finished!!) Everything looks just amazing with all the beautiful original pieces! I hope everyone will have a chance to see them on display and again when the book is published!


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