How time flies…

How time flies, it’s been over 3 weeks since I arrived in Tokyo, and classes have been non-stop. I keep saying this over and over, but meeting up with students is always a delight! I see their beautiful projects and inspiration blossoms. (Excuse the pun)

So, how are all of you coping with the H1N1 virus? It’s such big news here in Japan, especially in Osaka. The majority of people wear protective masks, which made me feel pretty nervous. Several schools and businesses where closed due to the scare, and we were afraid that we may have had to cancel the Osaka and Kyushu classes. Sometimes I think that the media adds to the hysteria, don’t you think? In the end though, we decided to go ahead with the classes and we came back to Tokyo safe and sound. Isn’t it sad that we are under so many not-so-bright-news nowadays? There’s the tough economy, virus scare, and news of nuclear weapons. It’s definitely hard times for everyone. What gives me hope for the future? Meeting people that offer their kindness and warm smiles. 🙂

Last weekend, my Mother and I went to an invitation only previewing of this years Christmas and New Years products at the main supplier in Tokyo. Overall, the displays we beautiful and we found some great products for this years Christmas and New Years kits. We also had the opportunity to attended a fresh flowers exhibit being held at one of the department stores in Ginza, Tokyo. We are planning to have DECO’s 30th anniversary celebration there. I can’t believe it’s going to be 30 years in 2011! My Mother and I are already getting very excited about this BIG event!


With my busy schedule, I did take time out to go to the Onsen (hot springs) one evening…very relaxing…I highly recommend it! Then afterwards, I ate good food…life is good! No, we didn’t eat the Koi fish:-)


I left Tokyo on Monday…looking forward to being back home in Hawai’i!


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  1. Hasmin Cannon

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the upcoming holiday kits (already?)
    The onsen looks so relaxing…I could spend hours in there until my skin turns pruney. hee hee…
    Oh, that platter of fresh sashimi looks so yummy! (I’m ready to dip it into shoyu and wasabi)