How it all got started…

This past weekend has been VERY exciting with exciting news to share!!  TV Asahi productions and the Matsuya Department Store from Japan are making our second DVD for DECO CLAY CRAFT ACADEMY which will feature the history of my mother Kazuko Miyai and how she started DECO.
It will also include other features such as interviews with Hawaii Students and a preview of the 30th Anniversary showpieces. It was an honor and so much fun working alongside such talented and wonderful people.  Things just seemed to fall into place and many friendships were formed. Thank you to all those who joined us for the class filming and for the location assistance!!

Final filming will commence back at the DECO Japan Studio in July and will be released in September!!
Time is sure flying by and feels like I have just returned from Japan. Now, I am back again in my home country of Japan teaching our new series project for the Curriculum 3 classes. By tradition, my mother and I will be traveling once more throughout Japan to promote our C3 new project to instructors. This time we will be heading to the beautiful areas of Osaka and Kyushu.  The Osaka area is famous for its delicious takoyaki (battered octopus with bonito flakes) and crab while parts of Kyushu are well known for its onsen (hot bathing springs) and imoshochu (potato liquor). Maybe my mother and I can sneak in some recreational time for onsen while enjoying a plate of hot takoyaki!!
September is just around the corner which means that our 30th Anniversary Exhibition is almost here!! Several years’ worth of preparation is finally becoming a reality…just a hop-skip-and jump from completion. Nonetheless, I am so excited in seeing how the exhibit will turn out.

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