How is your summer going so far?

How is your summer going so far?  I hope everyone is enjoying!  I just returned home to Hawaii last week and the first day back caught a cold…  I think it was message for me to REST, but I really had so many things I wanted to do… In the end the cold won.  The last few months or even this whole year has felt like riding a rolling coaster, traveling (so much), working (too hard) and focusing our 30th event. Great things are happening and everything is coming along. This is only possible because of all the support and involvement from so many wonderful dedicated people! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Due to all this running to and from, I have not been able to focus on myself too much.  And since I found myself under the weather, I just let go and enjoyed the beauty around me here in Hawaii. With all the plants flowering, I actually got so inspired and received some ideas of what I am going to create for my piece. I know! People are not going to believe my piece has not yet been finished… Yes, I haven’t…. I was just too busy with so many other things.  Finally, I have time to focus my pieces.

Besides my story; there is much more excited news to share!
DECO Clay Craft Academy will be at the Made in Hawaii Festival at the Neal Blaisdell next weekend! Everyone is working hard to set up this event. This year, we have invited instructors to bring pieces to display and sell.
Thank you to Chenli, Gary, Ken, Lynn, Christine, Yumi, Yoko and Chizuko!!!! We are so amazed to see everyone’s beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind pieces! If you are near please stop by booth #246.

I also received a copy of our first print of WREATH & BEAR book!!!!
This book will be available in September. The book turned out to be so beautiful and showcases over 300 instructor’s works. You really need to see this one…stay tuned for the announcement of availability.

Aloha……. Yukiko

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