Hope you are all well…

My mother and I finished the classes in Osaka and finally ending one week of traveling in Kyusyu and Osaka Japan.

It has been really busy with many Instructors working very hard to complete their 30th Anniversary projects. We have been traveling around Japan in snow to help with the projects is tiring with only one day to rest, but all is well.
Time is of essence, but everything is going fantastic!!  Everyone is coming up with so many new ideas for the Anniversary projects, it’s so amazing!!  I am confident that the 30th Anniversary will be a huge success!!!
Participating overseas Instructors are anxiously trying to complete their projects as well.  Some of them have sent in their completed projects, and they are really beautiful.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store for the exhibition.

Back at the DECO Hawaii Academy, classes have been at full capacity with many long time and new members alike, and Chenli is busily teaching everyone the curriculums.  In any case, if you are interested in classes, please call or email the Academy as soon as possible as classes are booked for almost a whole month!!

My time in Japan is coming to a close once again and will be heading back to Hawaii on the 21st of January…just in time for Tim and Kody’s Birthday (remember to say Happy Birthday to them)!!!  This year is off to a crazy, yet wonderful, start and I hope it will continue throughout the year…well, just the wonderful part perhaps…

Happy Crafting!!


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