Hello Everyone!

Last week, we wrapped up a three week series of intensive classes that were offered for our international instructors. Everyone did such a wonderful job! Thank you so much for attending these classes and for all your hard work!!! Now that the training has begun there should be an instructor near you who can offer you these classes. We are very excited to share these new classes and spread the joy worldwide.


DECO Japan office will be holding an event from 7/17~7/22 at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
There will be various crafters exhibiting and offering a nice selection of pieces for sale. During this event there will be opportunities for hands-on workshops in DECO clay. For more information please visit the following LINK

With all that has been going on around here non-stop for the past few weeks we decided to take a little break for the 4th of July weekend. Tim and I snuck away for a weekend in Maui.
It is always important to take this time and remind ourselves the importance of life and to recharge our energy for the next round. Maui is one of those places that has the power to do this and allows for life to just happen… no plans. We really enjoyed some fun in the sun, maybe a little too much.We are well rested and ready to take on the next challenge!


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