Hello Again!

I just came back last week from a six week work trip in Japan.  It was a long one… but I feel we made big progress with all the projects the instructors are preparing for the 30th event.  We are incorporating 6-7 different themes; all created by the master instructors who live in Japan.  There will also be many instructors working in groups and some are doing individual work.  During this trip, my mother and I held classes in four cities besides Tokyo. It was wonderful to meet all the instructors, having the opportunity to see how their projects are progressing, helping them to create more pieces and enjoying time with everyone.

DECO head office studio is stocked full with all the project pieces and beginnings to many ideas that will become the show displays.  I just can’t wait to share this with everyone!  I am just amazed how far the DECO techniques have come in such a short time. The last time we were able to showcase the techniques of our clay art was at the 25th anniversary event, and now, only five years later, we have the opportunity to do it again!  The show will be held at the one of the most popular department stores in Ginza, Tokyo.  Being able to display in such a well recognized space is going to make this show so special!

Since I came back to Honolulu, we have been busy getting ready arranging this year’s Christmas & New Year’s kits!  There are so many cute ideas and you won’t want to miss them!  We will be announcing these kits very soon.

I would also like to announce some exciting news…  We have new staff member, his name is Kody.  We feel he will be a great addition to the DECO office and we are very excited to have him on our team!   Please don’t hesitate to say “Hello” to Kody.

Next week Tim and I will be heading to California for CIII classes .  This will be my second time holding intensive CIII classes for instructors on the mainland.  This gives us the opportunity to bring many instructors together in one place and offer lessons on the new CIII projects.  We are very excited to meet everyone again and welcome several new instructors.

Here are a some new creations we have been working on at the studio …


a couple more…


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