Hawaii Tour!

During this past week, we here at DECO Hawaii where honored to host 30 instructors from Japan, 1 from Georgia in the mainland US,  3 from Russia, 1 from Ukraine and 1 from Kazakhstan.
The plans for this tour began late last year and what a great time it was! Seeing all the smiling faces and spending this time together will be a cherished moment for many many years!
Thank you all for making the time to share in this special event with us. It would be our pleasure to have you back again next year, or sooner if you can. Our door is always open!
Instructors from Japan have returned home and now we are focusing our attention to the Creative and Tropical Curriculum. During the next 2 ½ weeks we will be intensively covering these course lessons and preparing for the opening of these classes in many international locations.

We will share more details as they become available. Please look to our Facebook page for regular updates and photos…


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